Augusta: I'm sorry if we're a little late, Algy.
        I was obliged to call on dear Lady Harbury.
        I had not been there since her poor husband's death.
        I never saw a woman so altered. She looks quite 20 years
        Now I'll have a cup of tea and one of those nice cucumber
        sandwiches you promised.
Algy: Certainly, aunt Augusta.
Augusta: Won't you sit here, Gwendolen?
Gwendolen: Thanks, mama, I'm quite comfortable where I am.
Algy: Good heavens, Lane, why are there no cucumber sandwiches?
Lane: There were no cucumbers in the market this morning, sir.
     I went down twice.
Algy: Oh, no cucumbers?
Lane: No, sir. Not even for ready money.
Algy: That will do, Lane.
Lane: Thank you, sir.
Algy: I am greatly distressed, aunt Augusta, about there being no
     cucumbers, not even for ready money.
Augusta: It really makes no matter, Algy.
        I had some crumpets with Lady Harbury.
        I've got quite a treat for you tonight, Algy.
        I'm going to send you down with Mary Farquhar.
        She is such a nice w...
Algy: I'm afraid I shall have to give up the pleasure of dining with you
Augusta: I hope not, Algy. It will put my table completely out.
Algy: It is a great bore, and I need hardly say, a terrible
     disappointment to me, but I've just had a telegram to say that
     my poor friend Bunbury is very ill again. They seem to think I
     should be with him.
Augusta: Very strange.
        This Mr. Bunbury seems to suffer from curiously bad health.
Algy: Oh, yes, poor Bumbury is a dreadful invalid.
Augusta: Well, I must say, Algy, I think it is high time Mr. Bunbury
        made up his mind whether he was going to live or die.
        This shilly-shallying with the question is absurd. I should
        be much obliged if you would ask Mr. Bunbury from me
        to be kind enough not to have a relapse next Saturday.
        It is my last reception, and I rely on you to arrange
        my music for me.
Algy: I'll speak to Bunbury, aunt Augusta, if he's still conscious.
     Now, if you'll follow me into the next room, I'll run over
     the musical program I've already drawn up for the occasion.
Augusta: Thank you, Algy. It is very thoughtful of you.
        Gwendolen, you will accompany me.
Gwendolen: Certainly, mama.
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