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Bridget :
 It's a truth universally acknowledged
 that the moment one area of your life starts going okay
 another part of it falls spectacularly to pieces.

Bridget's Mum :
 Anyone else want to have it oeuf?
 Don't be shy, madam.
 Have it oeuf with the WiseCrack Egg Peeler.
 Now, nice, firm grip.
 Put it in the hole.
 Up, down, up, down, and off it comes in your hand.
 Mind the overspray. Sorry.
 Darling, if I came in with my knickers on my head, he wouldn't notice.
 I've spent 35 years cleaning his house,
 washing his clothes, bringing up his children.
Bridget :
 I'm your child too.
Bridget's Mum :
 To be honest, darling, having children isn't all it's cracked up to be.
 Given my chance again, I'm not sure I'd have any.
 Now it's the winter of my life,
 and I haven't actually got anything of my own.
 I've got no power, no real career... no sex life.
 Got no life at all. I'm like the grasshopper who sang all summer.
 Like Germaine sodding Geer.
Bridget :
Bridget's Mum :
 Well, anyway, I'm not having it.
 And I've been talent-spotted.
 Julian thinks I've got great potential.
Bridget :
 Who's Julian?
Bridget's Mum :
 From the Home Shopping Channel.
 Comes into the store to have his colors done.
Bridget :
 Potential for what?
Bridget's Mum :
 As a demonstrator on his cable show--
 you know, his assistant.
 Apparently, it's the highest-rated show on the channel.
 Apart from the one with the fat people who beat up their relatives.
 I must whiz.
 Have you heard from Mark Darcy?
Bridget :
 Good-bye, Mum.
by hamasayuta | 2005-11-25 12:47 | BJD words


Daniel :
 That was fantastic.
Bridget :
 Daniel. What happens at the office?
Daniel :
 I'm glad you asked that. You see
 it's a publishing house, so
 that means people write things for us
 and then we print out all the pages
 and fasten them together
 and make them into what we call a "book," Jones.
Bridget :
 Do you think people will notice?
Daniel :
 Notice what?
Bridget :
 Working together,sleeping together.
Daniel :
 Hang on a minute, Jones.
 Just slow down. It started on Tuesday, and now it's Thursday.
 It's not exactly a long-term relationship yet, is it?
Bridget :
 You very bad man.
 [answering phone]
 Bridget Jones, wanton sex goddess,
 with a very bad man between her thighs... Mum... Hi.
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Daniel :
 So, how about a drink at my place?
 Totally innocent, no funny business, just full sex.
Bridget :
 No, no.
 I should get a taxi.
 But thank you for the lovely dinner.
Daniel :
 It's a pleasure, Jones.
- music-
 You're alone all the time
 Does it ever bother you
 Have you asked why
 You seem to fall in love
 And out again
 Do you really ever love
 Or just pretend
 Baby, why fool yourself
 Don't be afraid to help yourself...

Daniel :
 Now, these are very silly little boots, Jones.
 And this is a very silly little dress
 and these are--
 fuck me--
 absolutely enormous pants.
Bridget :
 Jesus. Fuck.
Daniel :
 No. Don't apologize. I like them.
 Hello, Mummy!
 I have to have another look.
 They're too good to be true.
Bridget :
Daniel :
 Nothing to be embarrassed about.
 I'm wearing something similar myself.
 Here. I'll show you.
- Music -
 This time decide that you will open up
 Let it in
 There's no shame in sharing love
 You feel within
 So jump right in
 Head over heels...

- an electrical scoreboard -
 Weight: 131lb
 Have replaced food with sex.
 Cigarettes: 22...
 all post-coital
by hamasayuta | 2005-11-21 22:01 | BJD words


Bridget :
 How do you feel about this situation in Chechnya?
 Isn't it a nightmare?
Daniel :
 I couldn't give a fuck, Jones.
 Now look. How do you know Arsey Darcy?
Bridget :
 Apparently I used to run 'round naked in his paddling pool.
Daniel :
 I bet you did, you dirty bitch.
Bridget :
 What about you?
Daniel :
 I was best man at his wedding.
 He was a mate from Cambridge.
Bridget :
 Then what?
Daniel :
 Then nothing.
Bridget :
 You don't need to protect him.
 He's no friend of mine.
Daniel :
 Well, then, many years later
 I made the somewhat catastrophic mistake
 of introducing him to my fiancee.
 I couldn't say in all honesty I've ever quite forgiven him.
Bridget :
 God. So...
 He's a nasty bastard as well as a dull bastard.
Daniel :
 Yes. Yes, I think that's fair.
 Anyway, fuck him. Listen, don't let him ruin our evening.
 Why don't you have some more wine
 and tell me more about practicing French kissing with girls at school?
 That's a very good story.
Bridget :
 It wasn't French kissing.
Daniel :
 Don't care. Make it up. That's an order, Jones.
by hamasayuta | 2005-11-19 23:09 | BJD words


Natasha :
 So how autobiographical is your work, Salman?
Salman Rushdie :
 It's an amazing thing.
 Nobody's ever asked me that question.
Mark :
 Excuse me.
Daniel :
 Jones, sod 'em all.
 It was a brilliant postmodernist masterpiece
 of oratorical fireworks, really.
 You're looking very sexy, Jones.
 I'm going to have to take you to dinner
 now whether you like it or not, okay?
 Come on. Get your stuff.
by hamasayuta | 2005-11-18 09:41 | BJD words


Bridget :
 One, two.
 Ladies and gentlemen.
 Ladies and--
 Sorry, the...
 mike's not working.
 Ladies and gentlemen
 welcome to the launch of Kafka's Motorbike
 the greatest book of our time.
 Obviously, except for your books, Mr. Rushdie
 which are also very good.
 And Lord Archer.
 Yours aren't bad either.
 Anyway, what I mean is
 welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
 Thank you for coming to the launch
 of one of the top 30 books of our time.
 Anyway. At least.
 And here to introduce it properly
 is the man we all call--
 Because that is his name.
 Please Fitzherbert. Thank you.
Mr. Fitzherbert :
 Thank you, Brenda.
 Just switch this on.
by hamasayuta | 2005-11-17 09:13 | BJD words


TSUTAYA DISCASに2枚のリクエストをしてみました。


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Daniel :
 You've written "a searing vision"--
 Can you remember the rest of this?
Salman Rushdie :
 "Of the wounds our century has inflicted on traditional masculinity.
 Positively Vonnegutesque."
Daniel :
 Listen, you don't know where the loos are here, do you?
Salman Rushdie :
 Yes. They're that way.
Daniel :
by hamasayuta | 2005-11-12 21:54 | BJD words


Bridget :
 What are you doing here?
Mark :
 I've been asking myself that question.
 I came with a colleague.
 So how are you?
Bridget :
 Well, apart from being very disappointed
 not to see my favorite reindeer jumper again, I'm well.
Perpetua :
 Anyone going to introduce me?
Bridget :
 Introduce people with thoughtful details.
 Perpetua, this is Mark Darcy.
 Mark's a prematurely middle-aged prick with a cruel-raced ex-wife.
 Perpetua's a fat-ass old bag who spends her time bossing me around.
 Maybe not.

Perpetua :
 Anyone going to introduce me?
Bridget :
 Perpetua, this is Mark Darcy.
 Mark's a top barrister.
 He comes from Grafton Underwood.
 Perpetua is one of my work colleagues.
Perpetua :
 I know you by reputation, of course.
Mark :
 This is Bridget Jones.
 Bridget, this is Natasha.
 Natasha is a top Attorney and specializes in family law.
 Bridget works in publishing and used to play naked in my paddling pool.
Natasha :
 How odd.
 Perpetua, how's the house hunt going?
Perpetua :
 Can't even go into it with you.
 By the by, that man is gorgeous.
Natasha :
 Yes, Mark.
 Just give me time. Give me time.
by hamasayuta | 2005-11-12 21:48 | BJD words