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Bridget :
 We've had a very good response
 to the Teddy Knows Best teaser campaign
 and had various local radio bids for author interviews, which is good--
Daniel :
 Stop that. I feel terrible.
 The thing is with Lara and me--
 Well, you know.
Bridget :
 No, you'll have to fill me in.
Daniel :
 The truth is we're the same, Bridge, you and me.
 We're two people of a certain age looking for the moment to commit
 and finding it really hard.
 And I just think that in the end
 it's got to be something extraordinary
 which makes us go that extra mile
 and I think Lara being American or something to do with confidence
 and being so...
 well, young, you know.
 We've become very close.
Bridget :
 You've only just met her.
 She flew in yesterday.
 Oh, silly Bridget.
 You haven't only just met her.
Daniel :
 No, I got know her pretty well when
 we were in the New York office together.
Bridget :
Daniel :
 Oh, fuck.
 There's no easy way to say this, but
 I wanted you to be the first to know that
 we're engaged.
by hamasayuta | 2005-12-30 21:30 | BJD words


- TV -
 - I was hoping that you would want to be a part of it.
 - Listen, this is totally insane.
 - I'm 36 years old. It may be my last chance to have a child.
 The male penetrates the female and leaves.
 Coitus is brief and perfunctory.
 For the female, all there is to do now is wait and wait.
by hamasayuta | 2005-12-29 15:52 | BJD words


Bridget :
 I just really, really wanted to see a friendly face.
Daniel :
 Now, listen. I tell you what. I have an idea.
 Let me finish this while you go home and have a long hot bath
 and I'll call 'round, and we'll have dinner later, okay?
Bridget :
 Is there someone here?
Daniel :
 Not that I'm aware of.
 Unless that Bosnian family's moved in again. Bastards.
Bridget :
 I'm sorry. Sorry. I'm going mad.
Daniel :
 Listen, I am feeling really bad, actually.
 I should have been there.
Bridget :
 No, I'm sorry.
Daniel :
 No, I'm sorry.
 At least I got a lot of work done.
 Just give me one more hour, okay?
Bridget :
 Fine. That's fine.
 I'll go home and de-bunny.
 Oh. And you know last night when I said I loved you?
 I didn't mean it. I was being ironic.
Daniel :
 Good. I know.
 All right. Thank you, madam.
 Bridge. Bridget!
 This is Lara from the New York office.
 Lara, this is Bridget.
Lara :
 Hey there.
 I thought you said she was thin.
by hamasayuta | 2005-12-28 16:01 | BJD words


Una :
 Bridget! There you are. Don't worry.
 You're not the only one.
 This is Penny. Geoffrey didn't get in touch with her either.
Penny :
 I'm sorry?
Una :
 Geoffrey didn't contact you either
 to tell you the tarts and vicars concept
 had gone out the window.
Penny :
 Yes, he did.
Una :
 Oh, right. Lovely dress. Very exotic.
 Shame you couldn't bring your boyfriend.
 What's his name? David? Darren?
Mark :
 Daniel Cleaver.
Una :
 Is he a friend of yours, Mark?
Mark :
 Absolutely not.
Una :
 I hope he's good enough for our little Bridget.
Mark :
 I think I can say with total confidence, absolutely not.
Bridget :
 I'm sure he'd say the same about you,
 given your past behavior.
Mark :
Bridget :
 I think you know what I mean.
Natasha :
Bridget :
 Looks like Auntie Shirley didn't get the message either.
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Bridget :
 Didn't tell you either?
Bridget's Dad :
 I didn't spend as much as Bernard, thank God.
Bridget :
 Oh, I'm soory, Dad.
Bridget's Dad :
 The way she looked at me.
Bridget :
 She loves you, really.
 You love each other.
 This is only a temporary glitch.
Bridget's Dad :
 Is it? I don't know.
 I don't know.
by hamasayuta | 2005-12-22 13:35 | BJD words


Natasha :
 Bizarre what some men find attractive.
Bridget :
 Oh, God.
Bridget's Mum :
 What on earth are you wearing?
 You look like a common prostitute.
Bridget :
 Yes, that was actually the point.
Bridget's Mum :
 Say hi to Julian.
Bridget :
 Hello, Julian.
Julian :
 My dear, you and your mother could be sisters.
 And what a lovely bracelet. It's what I call an "all-rounder."
 Sort of thing one can wear with anything to any occasion.
Bridget :
 Have you spoken to my dad?
Bridget's Mum :
 Yes, He's behaving most bizarrely.
 I think he was trying to flirt
 with Penny Husbands-Bosworth, poor thing.
 She was very frightended.
 She's only just had her ovaries done.
Julian :
 I don't know what you ever saw in him.
Bridget's Mum :
 Shh. Bad man.
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Bridget :
 Oh, well, here we go.
 Trying hard to fight off a vision of Mum and Auntie Una
 in fishnet tights.
 Seems unnatural, wrong even, for 60-year-olds
 to dress up as prostitutes and priests on a Sunday afternoon.
 Oh, holy Jesus.

Una :
Bridget :
 Where are the other tarts and vicars?
Una :
 Didn't Geoffrey call you?
 Didn't you telephone Colin and Bridget?
Uncle Geoffrey :
 How's my little Bridget?
 Where's this chap of yours?
Bridget :
 Ah, Yes , He had to work, so--
Uncle Geoffrey :
 Likely tale. Off they run.
by hamasayuta | 2005-12-17 21:31 | BJD words


Daniel :
 I've got to go back to town. A meeting's come up.
Bridget :
 On a Sunday?
Daniel :
 The meeting's first thing tomorrow.
 I've got to work on some figures.
Bridget :
 We could just pop into the party for a minute and leave early.
Daniel :
 I'm sorry. I just can't do it.
 I've got to head back.
Bridget :
 Listen Daniel, if you've changed your mind, you could just say so.
 Because, honestly, I don't see what could be so important.
Daniel :
 No, well, you wouldn't, would you?
 'Cause you don't have the faintest idea
 of how much trouble the company's in.
 You swan in in your short skirt and your sexy see-through blouse
 and fanny around with press releases.
 This is the Americans flying in 'cause
 they're thinking of shutting us down for fuck's sake!
 I'm sorry. I'm being a prat.
 I'm going to arrange a lovely car to come and pick you up
 and take you back to London after the party, okay?
 If you have to travel alone, travel in style.
 And I also think it's very important
 that you win this costume competition.
 Good. Good start.
 Now, then, Miss Jones, where does this go?
by hamasayuta | 2005-12-16 23:16 | BJD words